Fridge Talk...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011 |
First, let me just say whoever decided to make a refrigerator door magnetic was a genius.

 As I was hanging yet another to do list on my refrigerator door this morning it occurred to me that our fridge door says a lot about us as a family. In front of me were magnets from various places we've been, a couple of math tests proudly displayed  for Dad to see when he gets home, a grocery list, some family pictures and a few other reminders. It hit me that this giant magnetic box was actually a telling display of who we are as a family. What we do together and where we've been together. Often on cleaning days I tell myself I need to take all that stuff off of there and have a nice neat and empty fridge door, but I never do and I just wipe it down in a zig zag pattern around all of  the colorful artwork. Today, I'm gonna clean out my fridge ( a scary process, indeed), but I'm gonna leave the outside just the way it is. It'!!!


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