The Everything Closet...

Monday, February 7, 2011 |
We all seem to have that place in our home where for lack of a better place things just end up there. You know, the place where you throw everything when someone calls to tell you they'll be there in half an hour. Or the place you put all the gifts you don't want the kids to see before birthdays or Christmas. Yup! That one. For us it's our master closet.

Years ago when we toured our home in bright-eyed anticipation of becoming it's owners, our mouths dropped at the size of the master bedroom closet. It was huge. After years of apartment life and sharing small closets we'd made it to the "walk-in" status and it was wonderful. And then the dual duties of a closet began. "Where should we hang our extra coats that won't fit in the coat closet?" The BIG closet. "Where should I put these gifts I found that would be perfect for so and so's birthday?" The BIG closet. And the one I'm least proud of, "Where do we stick our screaming newborn who was just fed and wants to eat again before two hours has passed, and it's the middle of the night?" The BIG closet!!! Yes, so sad I know, but I promise the door was open, and he was in his car seat safe and sound, and I checked on him frequently a couple of times. What can I say? He was our third child...

Well, in an effort to simplify our lives in 2011 I actually cleaned out the BIG closet this past weekend. It was no small effort, but we have gotten our space back. For now, there's no extra coats, gifts or baby equipment...just the stuff that a master bedroom closet should have in it.....for now. 

And notice hubby's part of the new shoe shelves that he built for me. He's the best! 


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