Homeschool favorite #2...

Thursday, November 3, 2011 |
My plan is to start highlighting some of my favorite things about homeschooling. There are many. Some days they are hard to remember. But they are a few of the things that make this homeschooling "adventure" a wonderful experience. So without further ado, homeschool favorite #2:

It's a wonderful thing. Days can be made to order just by rearranging our subjects. We can take field trips when we want to and not have it disrupt too much. If one of the kids isn't feeling great we can work with that too. I just find that in this fast paced world it's nice to be able to be flexible with our days, and that's why I greatly appreciate this aspect of homeschooling.

Unfortunately, I couldn't take a picture of flexibility so I'll post a cute picture of my kids in their costumes.


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